Preparing the Next Generation

of Diverse Leaders

Michelle Tucker, MA ’00

An aspiring English teacher during her undergraduate studies more than 20 years ago, Michelle Tucker’s ambition to become a key leader within corporate America two years later led her to pursue additional business expertise at Webster University where she completed her graduate degree in 2000. Tucker’s encounters with nurturing, farsighted professors at Webster University’s Walker School of Business & Technology played a key role in refining her talents and maximizing her strengths in strategic planning, people management and employee development.

“My time as a student at the Walker School significantly enhanced my marketability and played a large part in fueling my success in the corporate world.”
– Michelle Tucker

Today, the East St. Louis native serves as Bank of America’s senior vice president. In this role, she is responsible for managing the company’s multi-million dollar local grant and scholarship budgets in Missouri and Illinois, and leading its corporate social responsibility initiatives. In recognition of her contributions, she has garnered numerous accolades, including: a 2010 recipient of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Most Influential Diverse Business Leader Award, a 2013 Professional Organization of Women’s Leader of Distinction Award and a 2013 recipient of St. Louis American’s Excellence in Business Award.

Tucker is a respected pillar of the St. Louis business community and a proud Walker School success story. Her achievements underline the efforts of Webster University to enable first-generation college students from diverse backgrounds to further prepare for successful careers in business and nonprofits, ultimately surmounting their goals.